Berandaimpi Hotels looking for Corporate Project and Maintenance Manager

impi Hotels looking for Corporate Project and Maintenance Manager

HHRMA Tuban – impi Management is a Bali based hospitality management company. Our significant growth has been firmly established due to our commitment of exceeding guests’ expectations by delivering such exceptional experiences and the willingness to go extra miles for them because we believe that our guests are part of our extended family.

Cognizant to this fact, impi Management is currently seeking individual with genuine passion to put personalized service above all else in the most honest and sincere manner to join our team with the following details Corporate Project and Maintenance Manager with qualifications as below :

  • Bachelor’s degree in the relevant engineering field.
  • At least 4 years of experience leading or supervising a project team.
  • A sound understanding of engineering principles.
  • The ability to maintain a positive attitude and restore morale to a team.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • The ability to process negative feedback and remain professional.
  • The ability to work onsite and in the office.

Responsibilities :

  • Managing all engineering project and maintenance staffs – for their respective tasks and duties and the follow up.
  • Creating maintenance schedules and delegating tasks to team members according to their expertise.
  • Conducting site inspections and identifying areas requiring extra maintenance work.
  • Supervising maintenance workers and ensuring they follow safe work practices.
  • Performing minor on-site repairs when necessary and scheduling contractors for major repairs as required.
  • Discussing maintenance concerns with the employer and communicating these to Maintenance staffs.
  • Staying on-call and responding to emergency maintenance needs.
  • Controlling and monitoring inventory related with all on-going projects and coordinating work performed by outside vendors.
  • Communicating the goals of the company to all engineers and professionals in the team.
  • Supervising every phase of the project from start to completion.
  • Calculating costs, material, labor, and time required for each project.
  • Approving designs and budgets.
  • Delegating tasks to engineering teams and supervising staff training as well as equipment installation.
  • Performing quality control checks on all systems and products.
  • Analyzing data and drafting reports for review.

Interested applicants are welcomed to send the CV to :

Impi Hotels Tuban Kuta Bali by April 30th 2023 the latest.

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